What is this?

HomebrewUnblocker is what it says on the tin: it is a webpage unblocker that I made at home. I did this because I don't want to have to download anything just to get to some information that's blocked on our network.

You are able to access any single piece of content using HomebrewUnblocker, be it a webpage, a JSON file, or even a web-hosted text file. Just type in its URL into the bar and hit the Go button.

It's important to note that I stressed the single part for a reason. Parts of webpages that rely on sub-folders of the original source won't load, meaning some images, scripts, or whole chunks of content won't be shown. This is because of how HomebrewUnblocker works, only calling a single HTTP GET request to the URL to get the HTML content.

Here's a diagram of what's actually happening under the hood:

It's as simple as one extra step.